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ECC Fall 2016/Spring and Summer 2017 Graduates Announced

On Friday, May 4, the graduates of Ellsworth Community College’s Class of 2017 took their next step and became alumni of the College. Graduates listed below are those who completed their degree work during the fall 2016 and spring-summer 2017 terms.
Graduates are listed alphabetically by hometown. The students’ names are followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate in Arts, AS is Associate in Science, AAS is Associate in Applied Science, APS is Associate in Professional Studies), and the students’ majors. Symbols following the names signify the following: ***Highest Honors (4.0 GPA), **High Honors (3.75 – 3.99 GPA), and *Honors (3.5 – 3.74 GPA).

Ackley: Dalia Y. Gonzalez, AA, Social Work*; Jami K. Johnson, AA, Liberal Arts; Jodi I. Johnson, AA, Liberal Arts; Megan K. Marlette, AA, Elementary Education; Megan M. Brekunitch, AA, English; Michelle E. Ubben, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Tori L. Johnston, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.
Alden: Alexandra L. Shelton, Diploma, Practical Nursing; Bradley R. Buckley, Diploma, Practical Nursing*; Conner W. Rieks, AAS, Farm Management; Jordan L. Tjarks, AA, Liberal Arts.
Ankeny: Alison P. Tam, AAS, Equine Science.
Anthem, AZ: Carlin D. Whelpley, AA, Communications/PR/Journalism.
Aplington: Christopher E. Self, AA, Liberal Arts**; Desiree R. Tompkins, Diploma, Practical Nursing; Lezlie J. Ihde-Holkan, AA, Liberal Arts*; Meranda L. Nevenhoven, AA, Liberal Arts; Shelly D. Gibson, Diploma, Practical Nursing**.
Belle Glade, FL: Jamarius J. Way, AA, Liberal Arts.
Brayton: Zachary P. Kliefoth, AA, Conservation Technology.
Cedar Falls: Leslie B. Owusu, AA, Liberal Arts.
Circle Pines, MN: Carly J. Kuenstling, AAS, Equine Management.
Clinton: Evan R. Jackson, AA, Business Administration.
Conrad: Jason L. Arends, AAS, Precision Agriculture.
Corpus Christi: Luis M. Larrinaga Dominguez, AS, Engineering.
Coulter: Brooke E. Mensing, Diploma, Practical Nursing.
Crown Point, IN: Autumn I. Bright, AAS, Equine Management, AAS, Equine Science**.
Cumberland, WI: Travis J. Miller, AA, Liberal Arts*.
Davenport: Michael D. Evans, AA, Liberal Arts; Octavius T. O’Large, AA, Liberal Arts.
Des Moines: Jeremy L. Bentley, AA, Liberal Arts; Kayla J. Brady, AA, Liberal Arts; Nichole M. McCubbin, AA, Elementary Education.
Dickinson, ND: Cali C. Brown, AAS, Equine Science.
Dows: Bobbi Sicard, AAS, Animal Science, Agribusiness; Jacob T. Wallace, AA, Criminal Jusstice*.
Dumont: Alicia M. Funk, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Thomas E. Newhall, AAS, Farm Management, Agribusiness.
Eldora: Charles D. Graffunder, AA, Liberal Arts; Kaitlyn K. Sizemore, AA, Liberal Arts; Kelly R. Bailey, Diploma, Practical Nursing*; Zoe N. Sly, AA, Art**.
Elgin, MN: Rebekah M. Hart, AAS, Equine Management, Equine Science**.
Fairmont, MN: Ludia P. Frank, AAS, Agribusiness**.
Forest City: Ashley M. Keel, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.
Greene: Cheri R. Niccum, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing*; Holli M. Van Wyk, AA, Business Administration**.
Hampton: Allysa R. Meyer, Diploma, Medical Assistant*; Gloria Saldivar, AA, Liberal Arts; Jessica E. Place, AAS, Equine Science; Shelly L. Sharp, Diploma, Medical Assistant**.
Hartford: Dylan T. Haley, AA, Conservation Technology.
Hubbard: Bartholomew D. Spiehs, AAS, Agribusiness, Farm Management.
Huxley: Kelsey M. Hermsen, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.
Iowa City: Gunnar J. Marchael, AA, Liberal Arts; Tieron D. James Jr., AA, Liberal Arts.
Iowa Falls: Alyson K. Ziemann, AA, Liberal Arts; Amanda R. Staudt, AA, Liberal Arts; Ashley L. Spencer, AA, Liberal Arts; Aubri A. Rochlitzer, Diploma, Practical Nursing; Chelsea E. Off, AA, Liberal Arts; Denise D. Hutzel, Diploma, Medical Office Practitioner, Medical Assistant; Devon J. Recker, AA, Liberal Arts; Dylan W. Johnson, AA, Liberal Arts*; Erica S. Corrigan, Diploma, Medical Office Practitioner, Medical Assistant*; Hailey M. Manley, Diploma, Practical Nursing; Jarra M. Schlafke, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Jessica S. Klatt, Diploma, Practical Nursing; Jodee K. Geerdes, Diploma, Medical Assistant; Jordan A. Mulford, AA, Liberal Arts; Kylie M. Burke, Diploma, Practical Nursing*; Maggie M. Ireland, AA, Liberal Arts; Martika K. Stewart, AA, Liberal Arts; Mette L. Ehrhardt, AA, Accounting; Mirsa B. Correa, AA, Business Administration; Sarah J. Moehlman, AA, Psychology; Scott J. Dennis, AA, Liberal Arts; Taylor A. Tacchia, AA, Psychology; Tianna L. Metz, Diploma, Practical Nursing**; Tonya L. Harrison, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Trevor C. Smith, AA, Business Administration**; Victoria L. Butt, APS, Agriculture.
Jacksonville, FL: Antoinette Williams, AA, Engineering; Jahne Carol-Ann Williams, AA, Medicine.
Kansas City, MO: John C. Chacon, AA, Physical Therapy*.
Keokuk: Justin E. Wright, APS, Agriculture.
Lake City, MN: Melissa A. Gerken, AAS, Farm Management*.
Lakeland, FL: La’Darrian Bowman, AA, Liberal Arts.
Latimer: Ashly N. Lopez, AA, Liberal Arts.
Lauderhill, FL: Tanis R. Joseph, AA, Liberal Arts.
Machesney Park, IL: Rachel Kammerer, AAS, Equine Science.
Madison, WI: Darrian J. Driskel, AAS, Equine Sience.
Mason City: Michael J. J. Hughes, AA, Liberal Arts; Rebecca R. Buffington, Diploma, Practical Nursing; Samantha J. P. Radcliff, Diploma, Practical Nursing.
Middletown, CT: Marcus N. Deren, AA, Liberal Arts.
Mt. Pleasant: Anthony J. Cristoforo, AA, Liberal Arts*.
Nevada: Sydney See, APS, Agriculture**.
New Hampton: Noah T. Brown, AA, Liberal Arts*.
New Providence: Calvin D. Cook, AA, Liberal Arts; Kimberly C. Jones, AA, Criminal Justice; Tiffany J. Gardner, AA, Liberal Arts.
Newark, DE: Devon Russell, AA, Liberal Arts.
North Palm Beach, FL: Peterson Aulibrice, AA, Criminal Justice.
Orlando, FL: Juwan Petit-Frere, AA, Liberal Arts.
Osage: Caitlin Hanson, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing*.
Parkersburg: Bradi Yost, AA, Liberal Arts**; Harm E. Jass, AA, Liberal Arts; Raechel L. Campbell, AA, Elementary Education.
Patterson, CA: Benjamin C. Cherry, AA, Liberal Arts.
Pecatonica, IL: Koryn M. Kasner, AA, Liberal Arts**.
Peoria, AZ: Colin R. Pipkin, AA, Criminal Justice.
Polk City: Colton J. Determann, AA, Liberal Arts.
Pontiac, MI: Louy Compton, AA, Liberal Arts.
Radcliffe: Brandi L. Bulten, AA, Liberal Arts; Justin M. Skartvedt, AA, Liberal Arts**; Pamela J. Westendorf, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing**; Samantha J. Westendorf, AA, Liberal Arts*.
Sanford, FL: Jade Brown, AA, Criminal Justice.
Sedgwick, KS: Alexis R. Charles, AA, Veterinary Medicine*.
Sheffield: Collin Arndt, AA, Secondary Education.
Shenandoah: Thomas C. A. Rice, AA, Conservation Technology*.
Sioux City: Anne M. Stanley, Diploma, Medical Assistant*.
State Center: Molly C. Underwood, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing*; Shelby R. Tichy, AA, Liberal Arts.
Steamboat Rock: Grace N. Leverton, Diploma, Practical Nursing**; Morgan A. Rose, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.
Traer: Phillip A. Zimmerman, AA, Liberal Arts*.
Vinton: Chrystal L. Lough, AA, Liberal Arts.
Waterloo: Ernesa Cehic, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Kristi A. Theriot, Diploma, Medical Assistant.
Waukon: Christopher D. Miller, AA, Athletic Training**.
Waverly: Morgan L. Streicher, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.
Wellsburg: Trent W. Abbas, Diploma, Practical Nursing.
West Bend, WI: Jordan C. Gundrum, AA, Liberal Arts*.
West Des Moines: Sarah M. Rairdin, AAS, Equine Management, Equine Science.
Wichita, KS: Jamori K. Fox, AA, Liberal Arts.
Wiliams: Haley R. Nerland, AA, Liberal Arts*; Katelyn H. Ulrich, Diploma, Medical Assistant.
Winchester, VA: Thomas O. Shepley, AAS, Equine Science.
Zwingle: Evan A. Straw, AA, Liberal Arts.
China: Geon Hee Chow, AA, Liberal Arts***.

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