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Mobile Service Technician

The Mobile Service Technician program prepares students to diagnose, repair and service agricultural equipment in rural locations using a specially-equipped service truck. As the size of ag equipment increases, it has becomes harder to load and transport equipment to the dealer’s location, which has required dealers to provide services at the customers’ location. The equipment industry has moved to the use of specialized trucks that are capable of performing most service repairs. However, the agricultural equipment industry is having a difficult time finding qualified candidates who can effectively travel and service various components. The courses in this program will prepare students to be successful as mobile service technicians by training them to operate a service truck and repair and/or service various types of agricultural equipment and machinery.

Mobile Service Technicians must possess effective skills in communication, customer service, and problem-solving to communicate effectively with customers and handle customer service issues, including knowledge in sales and selling skills. Graduates of ECC’s Mobile Service Technician program will also possess high-tech skills such as the ability to download apps in the field, manage wireless computer and communication operations, upgrade unit software in the field, and communicate with the store and company through various electronic means.

Since this a new field of opportunity in agriculture, it has the ability to become one of the fastest-growing sectors of modern agriculture. ECC’s Mobile Service Technician program is different from existing ag machinery technician programs; our curriculum will spend considerable time on various components that are not typically covered or addressed by existing programs. For example, graduates of ECC’s program will be traveling around for a dealer and at one stop, may be fixing a sprayer. The next stop they may be calibrating a monitor and advising the customer on a potential upgrade in equipment. The stop after that will be servicing a skid steer loader. The Mobile Service Technician will also have the ability to not only repair a unit, but also to operate and train others to operate the unit (in other words, to be a product specialist).

This two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree program prepares graduates for employment directly after graduation.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook, the 2012 median pay for Mobile Equipment Service Technicians with a high school diploma (or equivalent) was $43,820 per year; the job outlook for 2012-2022 calls for 9% growth in employment (about as fast as average). Those with a college degree will have excellent job prospects, as employers strongly favor trained applicants.


  • Approved by the Iowa Department of Education in April 2014, ECC’s is the first Mobile Service Technician program in the nation and the only one in Iowa.
  • The College offers generous scholarships and financial aid packages … there are many agriculture scholarships available, including the Bob & Arlene Hamilton Excellence in Agriculture Scholarships, which cover nearly a full year’s tuition and fees!
  • ECC currently has the 17th highest student success rate in the entire nation, and our graduates have one of the lowest average student debt loads of any college in Iowa.
  • What students appreciate about ECC is our smaller class sizes, which results in more one-on-one attention from the instructor and greater classroom success.
  • Our Ag Science Club is a blast … activities include involvement in Iowa and National Postsecondary Agriculture Students (PAS) leadership conferences, field trips, service projects, parties, and more.
  • Professor Kevin Butt has been teaching agriculture at ECC since 2004. He has been recognized nationally as one of four Outstanding Postsecondary Agriculture Education Teachers in the United States.


Kevin Butt

Kevin Butt

Kevin grew up on a farm just outside of Iowa Falls and still helps with the family farm operations. He graduated from Ellsworth in 1990 with...

Kevin grew up on a farm just outside of Iowa Falls and still helps with the family farm operations. He graduated from Ellsworth in 1990 with an Associate’s degree in Ag Science, then transferred to Iowa State University, where he graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Ag Education and Animal Science. Kevin spent several years working...

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