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Nursing (PN & ADN)

Purple Ribbon for NursingNurses are known for their caring and sympathetic nature. They use their nursing skills to assist individuals to regain or maintain their health. Interest and training must be strong in the sciences of anatomy, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, math and psychology. One of the 10 occupations projected to have the largest numbers of new jobs is Nursing, with earnings above average. Employment of Licensed Practical Nurses (PNs) is expected to grow faster than average in long-term care facilities. Job opportunities for Registered Nurses (RNs) are also expected to grow rapidly. As the median age of the Nurse population continues to rise, thousands of job openings will result. Advancement opportunities are broader with higher degrees.

Our programs

Ellsworth Community College offers a Practical Nursing diploma program and Associate Degree Nursing (RN) degree program. ECC offers a ladder program in which students must first earn their Practical Nursing diploma before entering the Associate Degree Nursing program. Our Nursing courses cover the areas of medical, surgical, maternal-child, pediatrics, geriatric and mental health nursing at both the PN and ADN levels. Patient care skills are learned in supervised lab setting and in simulated clinical experiences. Students receive clinical experience in a variety of settings such as area hospitals, long-term care facilities and mental health facilities as well as a number of specialty clinical experiences.

The Ellsworth Experience

  • Excellent NCLEX licensure exam passage rates. Our ADN students had a 100% board passage rate in 2011 and 2012; a 90% passage rate in 2013; an 86.67% passage rate in 2014 (2014 Iowa rate was 78.28%); a 92% passage rate in 2015 (2015 Iowa rate was 80.77%) and a 88.46% in 2016. Our PN students had a 100% board passage rate in 2011 and 2012, a 96% passage rate in 2013, a 92.86% passage rate in 2014, a 100% passage rate in 2015 and 2016.
  • Simulation Lab – ECC knows simulation is an integral part of the learning experience. That’s why we have a brand new, state-of-the-art “sim” lab complete with high fidelity mannequins.
  • Ellsworth Community College’s Practical Nursing program starts annually in August.
  • Small class sizes allows for one-on-one attention between students and the instructors.
  • Professional faculty who care about student success.
  • Program administration and support staff on campus to assist you with admission, registration, financial aid and general questions.
  • Our Nursing programs are approved by the Iowa Board of Nursing.

ECC Nursing Program FY18 Costs*

Practical Nursing (Iowa Resident)

Associate Degree Nursing (Iowa Resident)

Tuition (47.5 credits): $8,217.50

*18 general education requirements*29.5 PN program requirements

Tuition (38.5 credits): $6,660.50

*9 general education requirements*29.5 ADN program requirements

Materials/Technology Fee: $878.75 Materials/Technology Fee: $712.25
Student/Facility Fees: $356.25 Student/Facility Fees: $288.75
Clinical Fees: $280 Clinical Fee: $320
Nursing Simulation Lab Fee: $40 Nursing Simulation Lab Fee: $40
ATI Testing: $604 ATI CARP Testing: $606
Books/Syllabi: $1,000 Books/Syllabi: $1,000
CPR Training: $69 CPR Training: $69
Criminal Background Check: $52.75 Criminal Background Check: $52.75
Health Physical: $100 Health Physical: $100
Mandatory Reporter Training: $50 Mandatory Reporter Training: $50
Stethoscope: $50 Stethoscope: $50
Uniforms: $150 Uniforms: $150
State Board Fee: $343 State Board Fee & NCLEX Exam: $343
Lab Kits: $40 Lab Kits: $25
TEAS Test Fee: $55
Graduation Pin (optional): ($90) Graduation Pin (optional): ($90)
Total: $12,231.25 Total: $10,422.25

* Fees are subject to change.