Online Degree Programs


The 64-credit Liberal Arts Transfer Associate in Arts (AA) degree is generally considered one of our best transferable degrees, and it can be taken on-campus or completely online (or with a combination of on-campus and online classes). Ellsworth Community College has articulation agreements with Iowa State University, the University of Northern Iowa, and the University of Iowa, which stipulate that our AA degree will transfer completely to these universities. We also have these articulation agreements with many other colleges and universities in Iowa and the Midwest (list of other colleges and universities to which ECC’s AA degree transfers seamlessly). How individual courses will apply at the next level depends on each student’s major.

Students who plan to study programs such as accounting, history or psychology, for example, can complete an AA at Ellsworth and transfer the credits to a university to be used toward completion of a bachelor’s degree. If a student knows that he or she wants to transfer into a specific major, the student can choose electives that emphasize courses in that specific area (such as psychology or business).

We have numerous AA emphases in various areas to help guide students to appropriate electives to transfer. To get an AA degree completed in two years, students should average 16 credits per semester or take additional courses in off-terms such as summer or winter interim.

The AA degree emphases that can be completed entirely online at ECC (if key courses are chosen as electives) include:

  • Accounting (major code: EAPAT)
  • Communications/Public Relations/Journalism (major code: EAPJR)
  • Education, Secondary (major code: EAPSC)
  • Finance & Banking (major code: EAPFB)
  • History (major code: EAPHI)
  • Human Services (major code: EAPRH)
  • Liberal Arts/Transfer (major code: EAGEN)
  • Psychology (major code: EAPPY)
  • Social Work (major code: EAPSW)
  • Sociology (major code: EAPSS)