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Germany Partnerships

Start at Ellsworth, graduate in Germany! (Das ist gut!)

Ellsworth Community College is now partnering with the University of Cooperative Education, Bachelor Academy Sachsen in Germany to provide freshman and sophomore agriculture coursework on the ECC campus in Iowa Falls and junior and senior coursework at BA Sachsen in Germany!

  • First two years at ECC (Iowa Falls, Iowa) and two more years at BA Sachsen (Sachsen, Germany) gets you an Associate of Applied Science degree in Farm Management or Agribusiness and Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Management that are recognized internationally!
    • Students must be proficient in the German language to attend BA Sachsen. German language classes can be taken at ECC before transferring, and supplemental tutoring is available.
  • Students in this program will spend their freshman and sophomore summers in Germany to improve their German language skills and participate in paid internships on farms in the Sachsen region of Germany.
    • The summer internship hours in Germany are applied to the students’ agriculture degree at ECC.
    • Summer interns are encouraged to apply for scholarships to receive financial assistance. Contact the ECC Financial Aid Office for additional information.
  • Once a student graduates with an AAS degree at ECC, they will transfer to BA Sachsen.
  • The ECC freshman and sophomore credits transfer seamlessly to BA Sachsen, and ECC students are guaranteed admission (bypassing the traditional and rigorous application process).
  • Both ECC and BA Sachsen are fully accredited and their credits and degree programs are recognized internationally.
  • Additional information about BA Sachsen is available online at Information about BA Saxony.

* If your computer doesn’t automatically give you the option to translate, you can copy/paste information from their web pages to Google Translate if you don’t read German.

This international partnership program is currently limited to agriculture majors, but ECC anticipates expanding the partnership to include other degree programs in the near future.

Program costs

The tuition and fees for classes at Ellsworth Community College are identified on our college website at There are no tuition costs for coursework that students will complete in Germany! The only cost to attend BA Sachsen is a library fee of about 100 Euros each semester. (The library fee includes access to public transportation in Germany).

Participants will be responsible for their own housing, meals, transportation and other living expenses while living and studying in Germany, guidance for finding these are provided. Each ECC student will be sponsored by a business and will work part-time for the business while attending BA Sachsen. The salary earned will contribute to living expenses while studying abroad.

Students who participate in this program are responsible for their own transportation to and from Germany.

*International travel requires a valid U.S. Passport and may require other information.

Internships in Germany

For two months (middle of March-mid May) of a student’s freshman and/or sophomore years, students will work on diversified agriculture operations in Germany. The Sachsen region is particularly known for its strong agricultural industry.

The internships also provide ECC students with a unique understanding of global agricultural issues and how those issues impact U.S. agriculture. While in Germany, ECC students are ambassadors for Ellsworth Community College and Iowa, and they will meet and work with Dr. Peter Jahr, a member of the European Union Parliament who serves on several EU agriculture-related committees. Dr. Jahr is a strong proponent of ECC and its students, and was instrumental in getting this partnership program established.

Scholarships are available to help ECC students offset the costs of the summer internships during the summers of their freshman and sophomore years.

To learn more

For more information about this new and unique international study opportunity, contact Kevin Butt or Eric Weuve, ECC Agriculture Faculty, or Joerg Rochlitzer, ECC Social Science Faculty.


Kevin Butt

Kevin Butt

Kevin grew up on a farm just outside of Iowa Falls and still helps with the family farm operations. He graduated from Ellsworth in 1990 with...

Kevin grew up on a farm just outside of Iowa Falls and still helps with the family farm operations. He graduated from Ellsworth in 1990 with an Associate’s degree in Ag Science, then transferred to Iowa State University, where he graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Ag Education and Animal Science. Kevin spent several years working...

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