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Music students visit Puerto Rico


Six Ellsworth Community College music students and two instructors raised enough money to take a Spring Break trip to Puerto Rico last month. Their trip included vocal performances at a restaurant (where a parrot whistled at them and danced along to the music) and on the beaches.

The group stayed at a rented house on the beach and swam often, says ECC Music Professor Anne Sherve-Ose. Sightseeing highlights included hiking and swimming under a waterfall in the El Yunque Rain Forest National Park and visiting the Puerto Rico National Museum of Music. “It was a superb trip, and we all would go again in an instant,” says Sherve-Ose.

While on the beaches she says they snorkeled, played with bioluminescent plankton that glowed in the water, saw multitudes of sea creatures, and collected many seashells. They also enjoyed picking fresh papayas, mangoes and tamarind during their hikes, cracking open coconuts to drink the juice and eat the meat, and were amused by iguanas that visited their house and tiny coqui tree frogs that sang to them all night.

Photo Caption: Two Ellsworth Community College music instructors accompanied six of their students to Puerto Rico during Spring Break. Pictured at the top of a tower in the El Yunque Rain Forest National Park are, from left, Jake Hladik (The Czech Republic), Jackie Wallin-Sobek (Soldiers Grove, WI), Riley Hahn (Loomis, NE), Becky Buhman (adjunct instructor), Anne Sherve-Ose (professor), Ray Gill (guest), Johannes Ben Kockert (Germany), Connor McKibben (Iowa Falls) and Dalton Miller (Eldora).

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