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WWII veteran brings his story to Iowa Falls

On Thursday, Oct. 15, World War II veteran Wayne Brown of Marshalltown will talk about his battle experiences in the Army Infantry 4th Division, including landing on Utah beach and the Battle of the Bulge. His remarks will begin at 6 pm at the Iowa Falls Boat Club under the sponsorship of the Ellsworth Community College One Book and Diversity Committees. The public is invited to attend.

Brown was a 23-year-old Marshalltown farm boy who experienced running water and electricity for the first time in 1944 when he enlisted. Soon after his enlistment he was shipped to Europe. Brown was wounded three times in the war and was awarded three Purple Hearts and two Bronze Stars for his military service. The 92-year-old Brown has a compelling story to share … he plans to bring his original helmet, marred by a bullet hole, to show the group.

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