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Dr. Peter Jahr to discuss the refugee crisis in Europe

Dr. Peter Jahr

Dr. Peter Jahr

The public is invited to learn more about The Refugee Crisis in Europe during a presentation to be made Monday, Oct. 19, when Dr. Peter Jahr visits Ellsworth Community College and the Iowa Falls community.

At 7 pm on Oct. 19, in partnership with the ECC Diversity Committee, Dr. Jahr will discuss the current refugee situation in Europe, which is headlining the daily news as hundreds of thousands of Syrians and other refugees are seeking to escape ISIS terrorism in their homelands. It’s an issue that also affects the United States, which is also in the process of negotiating how many thousands of refugees will be accepted here.

Since 1990, Dr. Jahr has served as a representative for the Parliament of Saxony, the German federal government, and the European Union. Specializing in agricultural policy, Dr. Jahr has visited Iowa Falls annually for the past five years to share information and promote free trade between the two continents.

Dr. Jahr is visiting Iowa Falls as part of his ongoing effort to share information, build leadership connections, and support educational exchanges between Germany and Ellsworth Community College. He has not only hosted six ECC students on international internships, but he also founded a non-profit organization to send German students to ECC. Joerg Rochlitzer, ECC social science faculty member and a native of Germany, worked for Dr. Jahr before coming to the U.S., and he has been instrumental in promoting the exchange opportunity for ECC and German students.

The 7 pm speech about The Refugee Crisis in Europe will be given in Hamilton Auditorium in Kruse Main Hall on the main ECC campus in Iowa Falls. There is no charge to attend, and the event is open to the public.

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