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ECC Fall 2015-Spring 2016 Graduates Announced

On Friday, May 6, the graduates of Ellsworth Community College’s Class of 2016 took their next step and became alumni of the College. Graduates listed below are those who completed their degree work during the fall 2015 and spring 2016 terms; those who complete their degree requirements this summer will be announced in late July.

Graduates are listed alphabetically by hometown. The students’ names are followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate in Arts, AS is Associate in Science, AAS is Associate in Applied Science), and the students’ majors. Symbols following the names signify the following: ***Highest Honors (4.0 GPA), **High Honors (3.75 – 3.99 GPA), and *Honors (3.5 – 3.74 GPA).

Ackley: Jacob R. Christensen, AA, Conservation Technology; Jeremiah B. Clemons, AA, Liberal Arts**; Nolan M. Clemons, AA, Liberal Arts**; Allison E. Greenwell, AA, Elementary Education; Morgan J. Harms, AA, Liberal Arts; Cassie M. Heetland, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Shaleen P. Niedert, AA, Liberal Arts; and Shelby R. Weichers, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

Albert Lea, MN: Johnathan H. Fleek, AA, Liberal Arts*.

Alden: Brannon P. Arends, AAS, Precision Agriculture; Amanda J. Gimzo, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Courtney M. Kinney, AA, Liberal Arts; and Laura M. Ziesman, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

Allentown, PA: Roberto M. Prado, AA, Liberal Arts**.

Aplington: Grace R. Ayers, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

Arlington, NE: Thomas J. Ruwe, AA, Liberal Arts.

Blairsburg: Kaleigh M. Greufe, AA, Elementary Education**.

Bondurant: Joseph M. DiTomaso, AA, Engineering; and Alexis R. Knebel, Diploma, Medical Office Practitioner.

Boone: Jessie L. Soderstrum, AS, Agriculture Science.

Brooklyn Park, MN: Charles E. Merriett III, AA, Liberal Arts.

Canton, MN: Michaela J. Lund, AA, Business Administration.

Carlisle: Alexander L. Felger, AA, Liberal Arts*.

Carolina, Puerto Rico: José L. Tirado, AA, Liberal Arts.

Cedar Falls: Alissa M. Llewellyn, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; and Terry L. Mooty, AA, Liberal Arts.

Charles City: Joshua P. McDonald, AA, Conservation Technology.

Chicago, IL: Deon M. Burgess, AA, Liberal Arts.

Clinton: Alex Caldwell, AA, Liberal Arts; and Dustin J. Caldwell, AA, Liberal Arts.

Deloit: Jane I. Hoffmann, AS, Agriculture Science*.

Denver: Brianna M. Schaefer, AA, Liberal Arts.

Des Moines: Tyler W. Chapman, AA, Conservation Technology; and Andrew D. Jones, AA, Conservation Technology**.

Dike: John F. Eiklenborg, AAS, Precision Agriculture.

Dubuque: Travis Boleyn, AA, Liberal Arts; Brandie Collins, AA, Physical Therapy; and Jase W. Grant, AS, Engineering**.

Dumont: Tara L. Cockram, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

Eldora: Mackenzie R. Donahue, AA, Elementary Education; Kayla F. Kinney, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Shelby F. Smith, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Andrew Q. Stowe, AAS, Farm Management; and Katherine F. Williams, AA, Liberal Arts**.

Forest City: Marcus W. Knapp, AA, Liberal Arts.

Fort Calhoun, NE: Isabelle M. Mixon, AAS, Equine Management.

Fort Dodge: Marquan J. Clayton, AA, Liberal Arts.

Galva: Nick D. Babcock, AAS, Precision Agriculture.

Geneva: Dillin Hofmeister, AS, Agriculture Science.

Genoa, WI: Jenna Boardman, AA, Conservation Technology & Wildlife/Fisheries/Forestry**.

Gilbert: Lee Ann Vanderpool, AA, Accounting.

Gilmore City: Tyler L. McKimmey, AA, Liberal Arts.

Goose Lake: Tyler J. Schoon, AA, Conservation Technology.

Hampton: Hayley J. Montes, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing*; and Brittany A. West, AA, Human Services.

Holland: Vanessa E. Ash, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

Hubbard: Kortney S. Crosser, AA, Liberal Arts; Kendra L. Decker, AAS, Equine Science; Simon R. Knutson, AAS, Farm Management*; Olivia Tym, AA, Conservation Technology**; Zachariah F. Zoske, AA, Liberal Arts.

Independence: Madalynn A. Ratchford, AA, Liberal Arts.

Iowa City: Xavier R. Washpun, AA, Liberal Arts; and Mitchell G. Wieland, AA, Liberal Arts.

Iowa Falls: Jarah L. Ackerman, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Taylor S. Ackerman, AA, Accounting**; Brenda K. Barfels, Diploma, Practical Nursing*; Markus A. Benson, AA, Liberal Arts; Samantha R. Bonin, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Jamie L. Bouzigard, AAS, Merchandising & Retail Management; Deidra M. Brown, Diploma, Medical Assistant; Danielle L. Buseman, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing*; Kayla A. Chase, AA, Liberal Arts; Jacob G. Coulson, AA, Liberal Arts**; Caleb T. Dagit, AA, Liberal Arts; Antony N. Fonseca, AA, Liberal Arts*; Tammara J. Fonseca, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing*; Ashley C. Halder, AA, Liberal Arts; Ryan A. Halder, AA, Liberal Arts; Koddy L. Hildreth, AA, Conservation Technology; Richard L. Holman, AA, Art; Morgan Kent, AA, Liberal Arts; Kayla S. Knudson, AAS, Agribusiness & Animal Science; Kathryn Kryfka, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; Steven A. Long, AA, Liberal Arts**; Noah B. Oelmann, AA, Criminal Justice; Michael Qin, AA, Liberal Arts; Angela M. Reighard, AA, Liberal Arts; LaTasha Rose, AA, Sociology; Katelynd M. Stenzel, Diploma, Biotechnology Practitioner**; and Gared R. Stockwell, AS, Agriculture Science*.

Lawler: Allison R. Kuennen, Diploma Accounting Practitioner, Diploma Computer Applications in Business & AA Business Administration.

Lawrenceville, GA: Marcus A. Thompson, AA, Liberal Arts.

Manning: Sarae J. Evans, AA, Liberal Arts.

Marshalltown: Burdette D. Brown, AA, Liberal Arts**; Brandon J. Pettigrew, AA, Liberal Arts; and Tad J. Steffensen, AA, Liberal Arts.

Mason City: Robin E. Tilton, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing; and Sidney L. Trappe, Diploma, Practical Nursing.

Milwaukee, WI: Darvell M. Brown, AA, Liberal Arts.

Missouri Valley: Jordan D. Zaiser, AA, Liberal Arts.

Montrose, CO: Tyrus M. Lopez, AA, Liberal Arts*.

Mt. Pleasant: Dustin M. Amos, AA, Liberal Arts.

Murphysboro, IL: Andrea D. Clark, AAS, Equine Science*.

Muscatine: Emily C. Smith, Diploma, Equine Management Practitioner*.

Nevada: Jenifer A. Messerli, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

New Providence: Landon C. Brown, AAS, Precision Agriculture**.

Newton: Ashton T. Hoffman, AA, Elementary Education*; and Garrett M. Worthington, AAS, Precision Agriculture.

Omaha, NE: Max D. Gavin, AA, Liberal Arts*.

Orlando, FL: Johnathan M. Boone, AA, Liberal Arts; and Jujuan L. Young-Battle, AA, Liberal Arts.

Palatka, FL: Cedric A. McCoy, AA, Criminal Justice.

Paris, PA: Ginny R. Carulli, AAS, Equine Management**.

Parkersburg: Alexandria J. Henning, AA, Liberal Arts; Brandon L. McCracken, AA, Liberal Arts; and Aaron D. Mulder, AAS, Farm Management & Precision Agriculture*.

Plainfield: Brittany M. Murphy, AAS, Equine Management & Equine Science*.

Plymouth, MN: Hannah Nelson, AAS, Equine Management & Equine Science**.

Rio Grande, Puerto Rico: Carlos M. Villegas Serrano, AS, Engineering.

Rochester, MN: Mary L. Goergen, AA, Liberal Arts*.

Rock Hill, SC: O’Daryl D. Davis-Douglas, AA, Liberal Arts; and Jaleel B. Scott, AA, Liberal Arts.

Saint Charles: Ariana V. Mayo, AS, Agriculture Science**.

Sanborn: Brian D. Klein, AAS, Precision Agriculture.

Sanford, FL: Chantelle L. Rumph, AA, Criminal Justice.

Sauk Centre, MN: Kayley R. Schirmers, AAS, Equine Management & Equine Science.

Shawnee, KS: Jaqueline A. Wallin-Sobek, AAS, Animal Science & Equine Science.

Shell Rock: Cassidy C. Abkes, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

St. Louis, MO: David Goldsby, AA, Business Administration.

Starke, FL: KeAaris N. Ardley, AA, Health/PE/Recreation/Sports Management.

State Center: Sara R. Reece AA, Biotechnology; and Justin A. Weitzell, AA, Liberal Arts.

Steamboat Rock: Amanda P. Blackburn, AA, Veterinary Medicine**; Karen E. Gregory, Diploma Small Business Practitioner & AA Business Administration; and Brianna J. Kerns, AAS, Equine Management.

Story City: Cole D. Birchmier, AS, Agriculture Science*; Charles A. Messer, AA, Athletic Training; and Samuel P. Miller, AA, Athletic Training.

Tama: Tina Jo Nieland, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

Waterloo: Ema Baltic, AAS, Associate Degree Nursing.

Waukee: Sydney S. Vrban, AA, Liberal Arts**.

Webster City: Jonathan M. Luiken, Diploma Biotechnology Practitioner and AA & AS, Biotechnology***; and Pamela S. Moore, AA, Criminal Justice & Social Work**.

Wellsburg: Caitlin Bakker, AAS, Accounting*; Carson L. Lutterman, AA, Liberal Arts; and Cortanie D. Nederhoff, AA, Elementary Education*.

Wittichenau, Germany: Johannes B. Kockert, AA, Liberal Arts.

Zearing: Becca J. Dunahoo, AA, Liberal Arts**.

Zephyrhills, FL: Devin D. Brockington, AA, Liberal Arts.

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