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ECC Students Selected to Serve on the Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team

Victoria Butt and Madison Hoch

Victoria Butt and Madison Hoch

ECC students, Victoria Butt of Iowa Falls and Madison Hoch of Algona, were selected to serve on the seventh Iowa Corn Collegiate Advisory Team (CAT). Comprised of 23 Iowa students pursuing degrees in agriculture, CAT will assist the Iowa Corn Growers Association (ICGA) and the Iowa Corn Promotion Board (ICPB) in developing targeted programs to enhance the organizations’ relationships with individuals pursuing careers in agriculture production and allied industries. CAT achieves this by fostering the knowledge and skills of these future leaders and providing them the tools to advocate for Iowa Corn and other commodity organizations’ role in the success of Iowa agriculture.

“Being on the Corn Team is really fun,” Hoch said. “We have the opportunity to attend the commodity classic in the spring if we recruit a certain number of people.”

“We get to network with a lot of great people, not just from our school but other community colleges and universities across the state,” Butt said. “It’s really nice to reach out to team members and see what other agriculture programs are doing, not just in the corn industry but also in the agriculture industry. We travel around the state and talk to farmers about their corn growing practices and see what we can do to better the association.”

“Iowa corn farmers’ future depends our ability to offer relevant programming, advocacy and services to new professionals entering Iowa’s agricultural sector, “said Iowa Corn Promotion Board Director Larry Buss, a farmer from Logan who chairs the committee overseeing the team. “We are excited to work with these 23 bright students on ways we can cultivate and promote our organization and the corn industry.”

The team includes one representative from each state college and university, and five students from Iowa State University. In addition, two additional positions on the team are for students in non-ag disciplines at any accredited Iowa college or university.

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