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ECC alum hired as new Iowa Falls police officer

David Frank with police cruiser

IOWA FALLS – Not everyone is cut out to be a first responder, let alone a police officer.  Luckily for the Iowa Falls community, David Frank always knew that is what he wanted to be.  After graduating from Iowa Falls High School in 2010, Frank started at Ellsworth Community College in 2012 in the Criminal Justice Program.  “The faculty were really influential in my decision to come to ECC. I knew Mike Emerson from growing up in the community.  I appreciate how straightforward he is and that he lets you know what to expect as an officer.”

Frank served as a campus security intern and participated in a work-study program with campus security for a year and a half of his two years as a student, gaining more experience for his future as an officer.  After graduating from Ellsworth in 2014, he held an ECC campus security position for a time.  David continued his education at Iowa State University as a Criminal Justice and Sociology double major.  Upon completion of his four-year degree, David was employed by U.S. Cellular and a trucking company while he waited for the perfect opportunity to enter the public service sector.

Now that he has achieved his dream of becoming a police officer, David and his wife, Lydia, also an ECC alum, live on an acreage with their two dogs and horses.  The couple are involved in church activities, and David spends free time volunteering at the youth center in Iowa Falls.

“My time at Ellsworth helped prepare me by understanding exactly what to expect as an officer.  Mike presented information to really weed out people who weren’t cut out for this career, but not in a way to discourage those who were determined.”

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