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Ellsworth’s Phi Theta Kappa awarded 5 Star chapter rating

Picture top left to right: Dr. Michael Le (Advisor), Isaiah Rono (Vice-president of Scholarship), Shane Gast (President), Sophie Helldorff (Former President), Sergio Alanis Gomez (Recorder), Joerg Rochlitzer (Advisor); Picture bottom left to right: Autumn Gast (Vice-president Student Service), Sofia Sanchez, Sooin Cho, Megan Qualley (Vice President of Leadership), Olivia Butt (Vice- President of Fellowship)

It may have taken over ten years, but Ellsworth’s Alpha Iota Omega chapter of Phi Theta Kappa received confirmation in early January that their hard work paid off.  They were officially recognized as a five star chapter on January 13.

This was no easy feat for students and faculty advisors as there is a long list of requirements to be a five star chapter.  Some of these requirements are to develop an Honors in Action Project, submit at least three entries in the 2020 Hallmark Awards, and be involved on the International level of PTK in at least one area.

Some of the previous Action Projects have been a food drive for MICA and most recently the chapter took on this past fall’s Bond Referendum.  PTK members are also involved in many awareness initiatives, both on campus and in the community.  They’ve hosted Trick-or-Treating and had booths to recruit potential members.  It is also important for the chapter to let area high school students know about the opportunity to be inducted.

“There are many benefits for PTK members,” says current Chapter President, Shane Gast. “PTK members are able to receive scholarships at ECC, and are eligible for scholarships if they choose to further their education at 4-year schools and beyond.”

The five star rating improves scholarship opportunities for members at ECC, and helps boost regional ratings as well.  For a one time “entrance fee,” membership lasts a lifetime.  Some unwritten perks of PTK membership include a Linkdin badge, professional networking, and a leg up in the workforce.  Senior members have even been known to give preference to newer inductees when filling job openings.

For more information and eligibility requirements about Ellsworth’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, visit or contact chapter president Shane Gast at, or Faculty advisors Joerg Rochlitzer ( or Dr. Michael Le (

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