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ECC announced graduates for the 2019-2020 academic year

On Friday, May 8, graduates of Ellsworth Community College took their next step as they became alumni of the College. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ECC was unable to have a ceremony to honor the graduates. Graduates include those that completed their degree or diploma work during the winter 2019 term and spring and summer 2020 terms.

All ECC FY20 graduates are listed by their hometown, followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate of Arts, AS is Associate of Science, AGS is Associate of General Studies and AAS is Associate of Applied Science), and the students’ majors. Symbols following the names signify the following Honors: ** = 4.0 GPA, * = 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher.

Ackley, IA  – Hannah Heetland, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Sarah Murray*, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Billie Shahan*, AA (Liberal Arts); Ethan Ubben, AAS (Agriculture); Cassandra Wiederkehr AA (Liberal Arts)

Adel, IA – Bailee Fogle, AA (Liberal Arts)

Alden, IA – Lucia Cisneros, AAS (Marketing); Alexis Cearley, AA (Liberal Arts); Jessi Eugenio, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Alexandria, VA – Julius Shockley, AA (Liberal Arts)

Ames, IA – Ruot Billio, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Aplington, IA – Emily Crosley, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing), Kerri Janssen*, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Brandi Quandt, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Apple Valley, CA – Casey Swearingen, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Atkins, IA – Rachel Swailes, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Aurelia, IA – Skylar Gerdes, AAS (Agriculture); Emily Morse*, APS (Agriculture)

Belmond, IA – Mallory Schaffer*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Boulder, CO – Jessica Reseigh, Diploma (Equine Management Practitioner

British Columbia, Canada – Nathan Doleman, AAS (Business Administration)

Cahokia, IL – Rozell Baker, AA (Liberal Arts)

Camden, OH – Camron Neal, AA (Liberal Arts)

Cherokee, IA – Madison Rapp, AA (Liberal Arts)

Chicago, IL – Darrell Mason, AA (Liberal Arts)

Clarion, IA – Samuel Urness, AA (Liberal Arts)

Clear Lake, IA – Scott Thelke, AAS (Agriculture)

Colo, IA – Hallie Riese*, AA (Agriculture)

Country Club Hills, IL – Derrick Maxwell, AA (Liberal Arts)

Coral Springs, FL – Sydney Audiger, AA (Liberal Arts)

Cutler Bay, FL – Cardeionte Wilson, AA (Liberal Arts)

Davenport, IA – Cameron Mayes-Butler, AA (Liberal Arts)

Delaware, IA – Hunter Glass*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Des Moines, IA – Don Brown, AA (Liberal Arts); Sidney Larsen*, AA (Liberal Arts); Rebecca Risvold*, AAS (Equine Science)

Desoto, IA – Isaiah Rono**, AA (Liberal Arts)

Donnellson, IA  – Caitlin Walljasper, AAS (Equine Science)

Dows, IA – Alitheia Holmes, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Kayna Trenary*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Dubuque, IA – Morgan Schueler, AA (Liberal Arts)

Duluth, MN – Blake Bergquist, AA (Liberal Arts)

Dunlap, IA – Cheyann Marshall*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Eldora, IA – Kristina Adkins, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Mercedez Aleman, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Gillian Gear*, AA (Liberal Arts), Samantha Reinertson*, AAS (Equine Management & Equine Science); Kevin Rewoldt*, AA (Liberal Arts); Jennifer Sayer, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Holly Talbot*, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Malcolm Wright, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Ellendale, MN – Elizabeth Deml*, Diploma (Equine Management Practitioner)

Ellsworth, IA – Taylor Olson, AAS (Agriculture)

Fenton, IA – Alexandria Bierstedt, AAS (Agriculture)

Gardner, KS – Kylie Adden, AA (Liberal Arts); Danielle Welsh, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Gilman, IA – Madison Duncan*, APS (Agriculture); Erin Patterson*, AAS (Conservation Technology)

Goldfield, IA – Cheyenne Reno*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Grimes, IA – Jackelyn Schwantes, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Kristen Snyder, AAS (Equine Science & Management)

Grundy Center, IA – Megan Klammer*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Guttenberg, IA – Ivy Aulwes, AA (Liberal Arts)

Haines City, FL – Carion Scott, AA (Liberal Arts)

Hampton, IA – Josie Abbas*, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Kelly Carr, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Brandan Maine*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Carlie Miller, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Kalyn Petersen*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Kathryn Reed, AA & AAS (Liberal Arts & Computer Applications in Business); Kalea Rew*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Crystal Ries, AA, AAS, & Diploma (Liberal Arts, Computer Applications in Business, Computer Applications in Business Practitioner); Dakota Sliter*, AA (Liberal Arts); Kristi Waddingham**, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner); Tyler Waddingham, AAS (Agriculture); Savanah Wadey*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Hanover Park, IL – Sadarriss Patterson, AA (Liberal Arts)

Hayward, WI – Bryn Barnaby, AA (Liberal Arts); Sarah Henk*, AAS (Equine Management)

Hubbard, IA – Brant Friest, AAS (Agriculture); Mercedes Riley, AA (Liberal Arts); Kya Wheeler*, Diploma (Medical Assistant)

Huxley, IA – William Stalder, AA (Liberal Arts)

Iowa Falls, IA – Leah Brekke**, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Olivia Butt**, AA (Liberal Arts); Haley Christians, AA (Liberal Arts); Anneka Finn, AA (Liberal Arts); Brittany Fopma*, AA (Liberal Arts); Shane Gast, AAS (Marketing); Autumn Gast, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Abby Larson, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Cecilia Leal, AA (Liberal Arts); Jennifer Lindaman, AA (Liberal Arts); Nikole Meyer, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Makaela Miller, AA (Liberal Arts); Tate Muilenburg, AA (Liberal Arts); Jayda Mulford, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Rex Neely, AAS (Agriculture); Jen Oban, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner); Megan Qualley*, AA (Liberal Arts); Telyn Rainey, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Alexandra Sanders, AA (Liberal Arts); Alexa Schlemme*, AA (Liberal Arts); Rose Warrington, AA (Liberal Arts)

Italy – Julian Baldi*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Jacksonville, IL – Dylan Bone, AA (Liberal Arts)

Jewell, IA – Kayla Flores*, AAS (Equine Management); Sergio Gomez Alanis, AA (Liberal Arts)

Kansas City, MO – Danielle Woodruff, AA (Liberal Arts)

Loganville, GA – William Walo, AA (Liberal Arts)

Luverne, MN – Brooke Feit, AAS (Equine Management)

Marshalltown, IA – Cindy Mora Covarrubias, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner); Jennifer Zarate, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner)

Maxwell, IA  – Phelan Birchmier*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Mayville, WI – Jacob Schellpfeffer*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Memphis, TN – Colin Burress, AA (Liberal Arts)

Milan, IL – Keegan Glaus*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Muscatine, IA – Nolan Bell, AA (Liberal Arts); Gavyn Ashley, AA (Liberal Arts)

Nashua, IA – Madison Stille*, AA (Liberal Arts); Jewel Gipple, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

New London, IA – Scott Cook, AA (Liberal Arts)

Newton, IA – Harlie Durr*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Nora Springs, IA – Nicole Tourtellott, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Parkersburg, IA – Aimee Ellers, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Laikyn Miller**, AA (Liberal Arts); Alec Oberhauser, AA (Liberal Arts)

Prairie City, IA – Colton Warrick, AA (Liberal Arts)

Queen Creek, AZ – Marino Pugnetti, AA (Liberal Arts)

Radcliffe, IA – Shelbey Fritz*, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Jamie Reisetter, AA (Liberal Arts); Jason Skartwedt, AA (Liberal Arts)

Richfield, MN – Ryan Casey, AA (Liberal Arts)

Robins, IA – Kathleen Smith*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Rockton, IL – Joshua Donaldson, AA (Liberal Arts)

Rowan, IA – Will Weidemann*, APS (Agriculture)

Saint Joseph, MO – Hannah Hoffman*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Sanborn, IA – Rick Klein*, AAS (Agriculture)

Shattuck, OK – Alexis Sconyers*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Sheffield, IA – Jamie Stanborough*, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Sigourney, IA – Hayley Abell, AAS (Accounting & Agriculture)

Smithland, IA – Austin Bromander, AA (Liberal Arts)

South Korea – Hanbee Kim*, AA (Liberal Arts); Jun-Jae Kang*, AA (Liberal Arts)

State Center, IA – Clair Pfantz*, AAS (Conservation Technology)

Steamboat Rock, IA – Alyssa Blackburn, AA (Liberal Arts); Bradley Buckley, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Karen Buckley, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Storm Lake, IA – Tanner Snyder*, APS (Agriculture)

Tiffin, IA – Camden Armstrong, AA (Liberal Arts)

Walker, IA – George Haefner, AAS (Conservation Technology)

Wauchula, FL – Johnny Jean, AA (Liberal Arts)

West Des Moines, IA –  Ollivia Enos, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

West Salem, WI – Matthew Bigley, AA (Liberal Arts)

Wilton, IA – Cameron Reddick, AAS (Equine Management)

Winter Haven, FL – Ja’Ron Kilpatrick, AA (Liberal Arts)


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