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Osgood Library at ECC receives state grant

IOWA FALLS – Ellsworth Community College’s Osgood Library was awarded $13,970 by the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs, one of 176 grants given across the state.  This project is supported in part by the State Historical Society of Iowa, Historical Resource Development Program.

“These funds are critical to help sustain arts, film, heritage and cultural vibrancy across the state and showcase Iowa’s world-class cultural programs and destinations with help from our state’s hard-working artists, historic caretakers, and creative business owners,” said Chris Kramer, director of the Iowa Department of Cultural Affairs. “It is important that we support our creative economy when this sector needs it more than ever.”

Osgood Library plans to digitize historical documents relating to Mr. Eugene Ellsworth, founder of Ellsworth Community College, and a prominent citizen who provided much of the financing for the first building and subsequent growth of what is now ECC.  Included in the scope of the project is nearly a quarter-century of yearbooks dating back to 1914, ledgers and documents relating to Mr. Ellsworth that are more than 100 years old, and pictures and student newspapers dating back to 1902.

“The ECC Osgood Library is fortunate to serve a target population of college students, alumni, and community members by providing updated resources and showcasing different collections.  Through this digitization effort we wish to minimize the use of the original materials to ensure they do not sustain any further damage from use and allow widespread access to stakeholders,” says Sandra Greufe, Library Service Manager, “We are also fortunate to partner with the Ellsworth College Board of Trustees in this project.”

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