Class Schedules

A list of current and upcoming ECC classes can be viewed in one of two ways.CampusWeb/JICS image

Online (RECOMMENDED) – The most up-to-date class schedule is online in PAWPASS at Course Search. This is a shared database with Marshalltown Community College/Iowa Valley Grinnell, so be sure to define your search by the appropriate Campus link. You can also define your search for classes by keyword, session, and term. PAWPASS contains the most up-to-date changes and information in a real-time database format.

Paper Copy – For ease of printing and online viewing, a pdf of our class schedules is provided below. It appears here as originally published, and does not reflect changed classes, full classes, etc. For a real-time schedule of classes, use the class schedules/student records link above.

Register Now

To register for an ECC course you must apply to the College, be accepted, and meet with an advisor. If you haven’t yet done that, here’s how …