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Financial Support (PACE)

PACE recipients and Molly

What is PACE?

Iowa Valley and Ellsworth Community College are taking the necessary steps to provide quality academic and employment training to send qualified persons into the workforce to obtain and maintain employment.

The Pathways for Academic Career Employment (PACE) program provides a Pathway Navigator to assist participants on their educational journey. The Pathway Navigator will work with participants to identify barriers to success and will work with participants to minimize those barriers by connecting the students to appropriate community resources. The Pathway Navigator will also work with individuals to access available funding to assist with the cost of education.

PACE can provide assistance in the following areas:

  • Financial support
  • Educational support
  • Personal support
  • Career support

Our students tell the story best …

In the first year PACE was available, several ECC students qualified and received various types of assistance and support. Read about what the PACE program did for Cassie, Tally and Brenda.

Who qualifies?

The PACE program is designed for those who have limited income and those with barriers that have prevented them from pursuing or meeting their educational or employment goals. If you identify with any of the following you could be eligible!

  • Low skilled
  • Dislocated worker
  • Unemployed
  • Underemployed
  • Iowa resident
  • Earning an income at or below 250% of federal poverty level*

2017 Financial Support (PACE) Guidelines-6 months of gross household income*

Family Size Annual Income
1 $15,175
2 $20,575
3 $25,975
4 $31,375
5 $36,775
6 $42,175
7 $47,575
8 $52,975
add for each additional family member $5,400

*250% of federal poverty level subject to change.

Get Started

Apply now for the PACE program. For more information on how you can get PACE assistance for your training and education, contact Amee Miller; her contact information is on the right of this page.

PACE application

Whether or not you qualify for PACE assistance, you may also want to check out the additional financial support offered for qualified students through the TRIO program.