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Meranda and friends

Meranda Nevenhoven

Meranda Studied:
Elementary Education
Meranda Now:
2016-2017 Student Ambassador

Meranda and friends

Meranda Nevenhoven is an ECC freshman from Aplington, IA, studying Elementary Education. In addition to being an ECC Student Ambassador, she’s also a Panther cheerleader.

“I’ve enjoyed being around kids via babysitting since I was a teenager, and now working at a daycare. I work really well with kids and enjoy helping them any way possible, so I decided to make it my career. I chose Ellsworth because it’s close to home and has a cheer program.”

Meranda says community colleges are known for small class sizes, good food, and sports where you can actually play on the team. When it comes to Ellsworth Community College, though, her favorite thing is the staff. “They all know you here! If you go into a building more than once, the staff there will remember you, I promise! They will welcome you will a smile and ask how your day is. That’s really my favorite thing about Ellsworth.”

As an Admissions Office Student Ambassador, here’s Meranda’s advice to prospective students: Seriously, come to Ellsworth! Its a small and affordable school, and it has so much to offer! Once you’ve enrolled, here’s my helpful tips for the freshmen:

  • Remember that school comes first. DO YOUR HOMEWORK, but join every group possible, like being a student ambassador or a cheerleader like me!
  • Make as many friends as you can, which won’t be difficult.
  • And remember to call your mom!

After graduating from Ellsworth, Meranda plans to transfer to UNI to complete her teaching degree.