ECC Announces Results from Iowa PAS Leadership Conference

Last week Ellsworth Ag students participated in the Iowa PAS Spring Leadership Conference. PAS stands for Professional Agriculture Student Organization. Throughout the conference, students competed in various industry competitions, both team and individual; networked with industry representatives and fellow students from across Iowa; and gained some real-world knowledge from keynote speakers. Ellsworth Community College was well represented. Some key results are listed below.

Conference Highlights

Katelyn Foglesong was elected State President

Chloe Hurtado was elected as a Vice President

Honória Balogh was honored with the Outstanding Service Award

Individual Events:

Agricultural Education – Harley Baumler – 2nd

Agricultural Promotion and Marketing – Liliana Hill – 2nd; Katelyn Foglesong – 4th

Agriculture Sales – Chloe Hurtado – 2nd

Animal Health – Vet Tech – Hannah Case – 4th; Cadence Coffman – 5th; Brianna Christensen – 6th; Maggie Burgett – 8th; Emily Christensen – 10th

Career Planning – Agribusiness Systems – Katelyn Foglesong – 1st; David Van Dyke – 2nd; Tegan Carson – 4th; Logan Dreckman – 7th; Carson Sitzmann – 8th

Career Planning – Agricultural Education Systems – Harley Baumler – 1st

Career Planning – Animal Systems – Maggie Burgett – 1st; Brianna Christensen – 3rd

Career Planning – Plant Systems – Kirby Stevens – 1st; Cooper Andersen – 2nd

Career Planning – Power, Structural and Technical Systems – Gavin Swenson – 1st; Tyler Resor – 2nd

Career Progress – Animal Systems – Liliana Hill – 1st; Beth Schwickerath – 4th

Employment Interview – Livestock and Dairy Services – Madison Stief – 1st

Precision Ag – Gatlin Johnson – 4th; Wyatt Siefken 5th

Speakers for Ag – Prepared – Haley Petersen – 4th

Team Events:

Agronomy Specialist – Wyatt Siefken and Gatlin Johnson – 3rd

Beef Specialist – Tyler Resor and Gavin Swenson – 13th; Chloe Hurtado and Beth Schwickerath – 11th; Haley Petersen and Harley Baumler – 12th

Equine Specialist – Madison Stief (3rd Individual) and Maggie Burgett – 3rd

Farm Business Management Specialist – Carson Sitzmann, Kirby Stevens, and Trey Heilman – 2nd; Tegan Carson (3rd Individual), Logan Dreckman, and Cooper Andersen – 3rd

Landscaping and Nursery Specialist – Dave Van Dyke – 1st

Swine Specialist – Katelyn Foglesong and Brianna Christensen – 4th


Many of these students qualified to compete at the National PAS Conference on March 15th – 18th in Ankeny, Iowa.