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The Ellsworth College Foundation, the Ellsworth College Board of Trustees, and the IVCCD Board of Directors offer scholarships and grants to qualified and deserving students. These scholarships may be combined with need-based financial aid and local scholarships to ensure many worthy students will find a college education within their budget.

Contact the ECC Admissions Office for more information on scholarships and opportunities.

Ellsworth Academic Scholarships

Ellsworth Academic Scholarships are renewable awards for full-time freshmen with ACT composite scores of 21 or higher and high school GPAs of 3.00 and higher. Transfer students are eligible for these scholarships if they meet the criteria and have a college GPA of 3.00 or higher. Total academic scholarship amounts may be a combination of Ellsworth Foundation scholarships and Ellsworth Trustee scholarships that follow the guidelines as listed below:

Ellsworth Academic Scholarship Award Guidelines

ACT Composite Score
21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29+
3.50 GPA $900 $1,000 $1,200 $1,400 $1,600 $1,800 $2,000 $2,200 $2,400
3.25 GPA $800 $900 $1,000 $1,200 $1,400 $1,600 $1,800 $2,000 $2,200
3.00 GPA $700 $800 $900 $1,000 $1,200 $1,400 $1,600 $1,800 $2,000

Career & Technical Scholarships – Awarded to graduating high school seniors who enroll in ECC career option or career education programs. The grants range from $200 to $1,000 and are non-renewable. Eligible majors include Accounting, Agriculture, Business Administration, Computer Applications in Business, Computer Science, Conservation Technology, Criminal Justice, Equine Management, Marketing, Medical Assisting, Medical Office Practitioner, Merchandising & Retail Management, Microsoft Office Specialist, Mobile Service Technician, Nursing, Small Business Practitioner, and Swine Management. Requirements: Major in a career option or vocational program, scholarship application, high school transcript, and one recommendation. Application Priority Deadline: Mar. 1.

Ellsworth General Scholarships

Ambassador Scholarships – Recipients will serve as representatives for Ellsworth Community College. Individuals selected will serve as hosts at college functions such as Family Day, Homecoming, Career Exploration Day, Counselor Day, etc. Ambassadors will also be asked to serve as guides for campus visitors, do some public speaking, participate in promotional parades, and promote ECC to prospective students. Ambassadors can expect to telephone prospective students and even visit their home high schools as an ECC representative. The $500 to $1,000 Ambassador Scholarships are renewable and competitive; recipients may receive other Ellsworth scholarships as long as the scholarship total does not exceed the student’s actual college bill. Requirements: Full-time enrollment, one reference, and an interview. Priority Deadline: March 1.

Bob & Arlene Hamilton Excellence in Agriculture Scholarships – Fifteen$5,000 scholarships offered to students entering the Agribusiness, Agriculture Science (transfer), Animal Science, Farm Management, Geographical Information Systems/GIS, Mobile Service Technician, Precision Agriculture, Renewable Energy Technology, or Swine Management programs. Deadline: March 1.

Housing Grants – These non-renewable Ellsworth College Trustee grants are available to help with on-campus living expenses. Awards range from $200-$1,000. Requirements: Application for Admission, scholarship application, one recommendation, high school transcript.

IVCCD Director’s Scholarships – The Iowa Valley Community College District Board of Directors funds these full tuition and fees scholarships (up to 18 credits per term). Applicants must graduate from an Iowa high school and be designated as Valedictorian or Salutatorian (rank 1 or 2) of their class. Transfer students are eligible if they meet the above criteria and have a 3.00 college GPA. These scholarships are renewable for a second year for full-time students with a 3.00 GPA. Requirements: Rank one or two in graduating class from an Iowa high school. A copy of the applicant’s high school transcript is required. Priority Deadline: March 1.

Leadership Scholarships – Awarded to high school seniors who demonstrate exceptional leadership ability in school clubs, athletics, activities, civic and community organizations, or church groups. Scholarships are non-renewable from $200 to $1,000. Requirements: Full-time enrollment, high school transcript, high school GPA 2.50 or higher, scholarship application, one recommendation.

Legacy Scholarships – Offered to children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of past ECC graduates. Awards will be $500 per year with potential renewal for second year based on availability of funds. Requirements: New student, full-time enrollment, scholarship application, one recommendation.

Meritorious Scholarships – Awarded to graduating high school seniors who have a 3.00 or better GPA or a composite ACT score of 21+, these non-renewable scholarships range from $200 to $600. Requirements: Scholarship application and one recommendation.

Sophomore Achievement Scholarship – Offered to second-year students who were not eligible for an academic or director’s scholarship as a freshman and who have earned 24 ECC credits with a minimum GPA of 3.50. Scholarships will be for the fall and spring semester must be enrolled full-time. Students who are eligible for this scholarship will not be eligible for the Sophomore Scholarship. Requirements: Scholarship application, one recommendation. Deadline: Friday before spring break.

Sophomore Scholarships – Available to second year ECC students who have earned at least 24 ECC credits with a minimum GPA of 2.50. Scholarships are for the fall and spring semesters. Requirements: Full-time enrollment and reference from one Ellsworth professor. Priority Deadline: Friday before spring break.

Ellsworth Activity & Athletic Scholarships

Ellsworth Art Scholarships – These scholarships are for students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in art and are majoring in Art, Design, or Art Education. Requirements include an Application for Admission, a scholarship application, one recommendation, and a portfolio or slides/prints of creative work. Direct inquiries to the ECC Art Department.

Ellsworth Athletic Scholarships – Ellsworth athletic scholarships are awarded for both women’s (softball, basketball, golf and volleyball) and men’s (baseball, basketball, football, wrestling, and golf) intercollegiate athletics. Scholarships are renewable and are awarded by the head coach of each sport in amounts ranging from $200 up to full tuition. Direct inquiries to the specific team coach or the ECC Athletic Director.

Ellsworth Cheerleading/Dance Scholarships – Cheerleading/dance scholarships are available for students interested in these activities. Requirements include an Application for Admission, a scholarship application, one recommendation, and a live (or tape) performance review. Direct inquiries to the ECC Admissions Office.

Ellsworth Music Scholarships – These activity scholarships are for new students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in vocal or instrumental music. The awards are for one year only. Recipients need not major in music but must participate in ECC music activities. Requirements include an Application for Admission, a scholarship application, one recommendation, and either a live audition or audio tape. Direct inquiries to the ECC Music Department.

Ida Caine Bryant (Music) Scholarship – These scholarships are available to new students with preference to those who have an interest in music. Recipients will also participate in vocal or instrumental music while enrolled full-time. Application priority date is March 1. Requirements include an audition or tape review. Direct inquiries to Music Department.

Raymond Burr Theater Scholarship – This scholarship was established in honor of the late actor Raymond Burr (TV’s Perry Mason & Ironside), who spoke at ECC’s Centennial Celebration in 1990 and publicly acknowledged his support of the college. This scholarship is available to new students who have demonstrated exceptional thespian performances. An audition, review, or videotape review is required of applicants, and participation in ECC drama productions and club activities is expected. Application priority date is March 1. Direct inquiries to the ECC Theater Department.

Ellsworth Specialized Scholarships

Ellsworth Multi-Cultural Scholarships – These scholarships, ranging in amounts, are awarded to new and returning students who meet the academic criteria and are members of a minority race. Applications are available in the ECC Admissions Office.

PIN (People in Need) Grants – Available as a response to the recent increases in college costs across the state. Eligibility will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Those with minimal other gift assistance, along with demonstrated financial barriers, will receive priority consideration. Grants range from $300 to $1,000.

Return 2 Learning Scholarships – Available to students who are at least 25 years of age or older and have not been enrolled at ECC/MCC for at least five years. The scholarship includes tuition for three credit hours during the student’s first term of enrollment. Students are responsible for fees and textbooks. The student will not be eligible for this scholarship if s/he is receiving tuition reimbursement from an employer. (Amounts vary)

Additionally, there are many scholarships specifically for Iowa Falls-Alden High School students; contact the Iowa Falls-Alden High School Guidance Office for more information.

Ellsworth Endowed Scholarships

The following endowed scholarships are awarded yearly to full-time students; they are not renewable for a second year unless they are based on academic criteria. Dollar amounts may change (a brochure listing current dollar amounts is available in the Financial Aid and Admissions Offices). For more information about any of the following endowed scholarships, please contact the ECC Admissions Office.

  • Elmer Ackerman Scholarship (Academic)
  • Steven & Judy Afdahl Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Merrill & Linda Ahrens Scholarship (Education/Agriculture, 2.5 or higher GPA)
  • Emma Armstrong Scholarship (Female)
  • Meade & Phyllis Bartlett Scholarship (Health Science/Nursing)
  • Jerry Benning Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Edna Boddy Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Ida Caine Bryant Scholarship (Academic & Music)
  • Mary Bryarly Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Raymond Burr Theater Scholarship (Drama)
  • Campbell Supply Company, Cam Spray, Iowa Power Products Scholarship (Employee or family of)
  • Cargill Inc. Scholarship (Renewable Energy)
  • Consolidated Management Co. Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Roberta Crawford Scholarship (Prefer from Franklin, Hardin or Keokuk County)
  • Martin Dittmer Scholarship (Baseball)
  • John & Dee Dolan Scholarship (Sophomore, minority athlete)
  • Dorothy & Susan Dougher (No restrictions)
  • E. Lucile Dunn Scholarship (Academic)
  • Robert Ellingson Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Eric & Janet Emery Scholarship (Teaching, 3.0 GPA)
  • Don & Carol Fejfar Scholarship (Music)
  • Bud Fischer Scholarship (Men’s basketball)
  • Jean Dow Foster Scholarship (Female/non-traditional)
  • Mary Fuller/Doris Foster Scholarship (Educational/need)
  • Hugo Gehrls Scholarship (Business)
  • Gwen Gohring Gilbert Scholarship (Iowa student, 3.0 GPA)
  • Helen Glyer Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Bill & Jean Granzow Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Andrew & Thelma Hamilton Scholarship (Academic)
  • Bob & Arlene Hamilton Excellence in Agriculture Scholarships (Agriculture, Ag Business, Animal Science, Farm Management, Renewable Energy Technology, Swine Management)
  • Carl & Ruth Hamilton Scholarship (Academic)
  • Mark & Laura Hamilton Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Craig & Kristi Harris Scholarship
  • William & Judy Harris Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Kenneth & Mary Hecht Scholarship (Academic)
  • Donald & Bonnie Henrich Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Loudine Hill Scholarship (Responsible person pursuing a career requiring more than a 2-year degree, need)
  • Carol Hoffman Scholarship (Sophomore, Education)
  • Gary & Karla Hoffman Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Dr. Paul & Rita Hoversten Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Howard Family Scholarship (Sophomore with outstanding character)
  • Grace Hoy Scholarship (Nursing)
  • Joe & Gladys Huibsch Scholarship (Non-traditional, Nursing/Barnabus Uplift)
  • Henry W. Jabusch Scholarship (Academic)
  • Rebecca Jennings Scholarship (Female athlete)
  • David Jiruska Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Max Johnson Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Reg Johnson Scholarship (Academic)
  • Professor Sheridan Jones Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Earl & Arlene Kessell Scholarship (Fine Arts)
  • Ruth B. Klotz Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • C.H. Koon Scholarship (Financial need, scholarship, character)
  • Kruse Family Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Dick & Ruth Larson Scholarship (Softball in even years, women’s basketball in odd years)
  • Liberty Bank Scholarship (Business with good academics)
  • Duane & Phyllis Lloyd Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Evelyn Lynk Scholarship (Hardin County graduate)
  • Herb Lynk Scholarship (Hardin County graduate)
  • Janet Maddox Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Foster & Madeline Mason Scholarship (Academic)
  • Robert & Lillian McCord Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • John & Marilyn Hofmann McNemar Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • William & Dorothy Meyer Family Scholarship (Sophomore, Agriculture)
  • Ervin & Donna Miller Scholarship (Sophomore from 50-mile radius of Iowa Falls, Social Sciences)
  • Richard Miller Scholarship (Sophomore, Business)
  • Roland & Oscarolia Newby Scholarship (Men’s basketball)
  • Sam Newby Scholarship (Men’s basketball)
  • Ira & Irene Nichols Scholarship (financial need, academic)
  • Leon Ohrlund Scholarships (Iowa resident/sophomore)
  • Keith Olson Swine Management Scholarship (Swine Management, financial need, academic)
  • Harry Paul Agriculture Scholarship (Farm Management, Agribusiness or transfer Agriculture majors)
  • Phi Theta Kappa/PTK Liz Mathews Leaders of Promise Scholarship (National PTK Leaders of Promise criteria)
  • Gordon & Gretchen Rabe Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Clifton & Leila Randall Scholarship (Financial need)
  • Bruce Rastetter Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Glo Reber Equestrian Scholarship (Sophomore, Equine)
  • Marvin Reed Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Jack Richards Scholarship (Math)
  • James Richtsmeier Scholarship (Sophomore, Agriculture)
  • Riverside Book & Bible Scholarship (Former company employee or offspring)
  • Rizvi Family Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Richard & Helen Roberts Scholarship (Interest in the environment)
  • Jean Good Santee Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Robert & Joyce Schager Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Jerry Senters Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Ethel & Ray Show Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Silverbowl Scholarship (Male, athletic)
  • Elmer & Gwen Stockdale Scholarship (Academic)
  • Stan Straatsma Scholarship (Academic)
  • William Strube Scholarship (Public Safety, Theology)
  • Verle & Marie Stucker Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Jerry Surls Scholarship (Sophomore, non-traditional)
  • Andrew Thompson Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Otis Thompson Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Ida Tordoff Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Lela Tracy Scholarship (Human Services)
  • Eugene O. Tystahl Scholarship (Athletic)
  • Glennon Warford Scholarship (Athletic, prefer English or Social Science)
  • Merle (Rocky) & Christie Weaver Scholarship (Athletic)
  • Mary Weeks Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • William R. Welchko Scholarship (Iowa Falls student, Business)
  • Jerry & Sue Welden Scholarships (Sophomore, exhibits financial need)
  • Robert & Eleanor Welden Scholarship (Academic)
  • Todd Welden Memorial Scholarships (Study & work abroad experiences)
  • DuWayne & Nancy Wessels Family Scholarship (Nursing)
  • Max C. & Nellie M. White Scholarship (Students from Popejoy or Alden)
  • Morris R. Whitehead Scholarship (No restrictions)
  • Whitesell Family Scholarship (Iowa Falls graduate in Law, Pharmacy, Theater, Business or Coaching)
  • Willis & Connie Wubbena Scholarships (Academic, Iowa Falls High School graduate)