ECC announces Summer 2021 graduates

IOWA FALLS – Seventy-one students have completed all requirements of their respective degree programs as of the end of the Summer 2021 and are now graduates of Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls.  These graduates were honored with their peers at the commencement ceremony in May.

All Summer 2021 graduates are listed by their hometown, followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate of Arts, AS is Associate of Science, AGS is Associate of General Studies and AAS is Associate of Applied Science), and the students’ majors. Symbols following the names signify the following Honors: ** = 4.0 GPA, * = 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher.

Ackley, IA                                       Tracy Lynette Moreno, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Rachel Lynn Sicard*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Sydney Jean Weichers, Diploma (Medical Assistant)

Alden, IA                                         Madison Marie Sanders, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Caden Joseph Mentzer*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Ames, IA                                         Jessica Castro-Bueno, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Ankeny, IA                                      Dawayne Smith, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Apple Valley, CA                            Casey Joseph Swearingen, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Belmond, IA                                    Kaitlyn Fay**, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Britt, IA                                            Liliana Nicol Lechga, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Burlington, IA                                 Vitoria Da Silva Kazanovski*, AA (Liberal Arts)

Cedar Falls, IA                                Trisha Marie Adolphs, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Charles City, IA                              Aileen Grace Nunez, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Colo, IA                                           Taylor Ann Mehmen*, AAS (Equine Management)

Columbus, GA                                Ja’Ron Early, AA (Liberal Arts)

Des Moines, IA                               Madison Nicole Phipps*, AAS (Equine Science)

Eden Prairie, MN                            Daejon Rae Wolfe-Brusehaver, AA (Liberal Arts)

Eldora, IA                                        Jordyn Anna Louise Houston, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Camryn Elizabeth Butler, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Samantha Jo May, AAS (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Mariah Franzen, (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Garner, IA                                       Danielle Anna Marie Welsh, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Goldfield, IA                                   Cheyenne Elizabeth Reno, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Grundy Center, IA                          Danielle Marie Miller, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Megan N. Klammer*, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Josey Elaine Davis, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Danielle Enid Hougen*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Hampton, IA                                   Kaylea Michelle Rew*, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Carlie Mae Miller, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Kalyn M. Petersen*, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Alexis Beadle, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Hiawatha, IA                                   Shirley Kormon Mondyu, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Holland, IA                                      Emily Annette Crosley, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Hubbard, IA                                    Eden Tym, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Iowa Falls, IA                                  Jayda K. Mulford, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Nikole Danelle Meyer, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Allison L. Mello, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Tasha Dori Pierce*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Brittany Nicole Fopma*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Chelsea Elizabeth Off, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); Hailey Marie Manley, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Madison Ann Warschkow, APS (Agriculture); Sophie Andrea Helldorf Flores, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Melissa Ann Robert*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Janesville, IA                                  Samuel Nicholas Seedorf*, AA (Liberal Arts)

LaPorte City                                   Kaitlin Hope Weber*, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Maitland, FL                                    Kevonda Primes, AA (Liberal Arts)

Mason City, IA                                Jessie Elizabeth Meier, Diploma (Nursing; Practical Nursing); Aftin Jo Waite, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing); Gabrielle L. Hejik, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Montrose, IA                                   Bailey Lynn Hornung, AAS (Agriculture: Animal Science)

Murray, IA                                       Kendra Lynne Boles*, AAS (Equine Management)

Parkersburg, IA                              Matthew Lucas Kellum, AA (Liberal Arts)

Rockwell, IA                                   Kristen K. Bailey, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Rushmore, MN                               Cheyanne Rae Bos*, AAS (Equine Science)

Searsboro, IA                                 Caitlyn Dorothy Bartholomew, APS (Agriculture)

Sherburn, MN                                 Bailey Rae Tish*, AAS (Equine Science)

Steamboat Rock, IA                       Natalie Grace Lippert**, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)

Sumner, IA                                      Megan Larsen*, AA (Psychology)

Swedesboro, NJ                             Autumn Britton, Diploma (Medical Assistant)

Waterloo, IA                                    Rachel A. Paris, AAS (Nursing: Associate Degree Nursing)

Webster City, IA                             Ursula Claire Leksell*, AAS (Equine Science)

Wellsburg, IA                                  Whitanie Lissa Nederhoff*, AA (Liberal Arts)