Dr. Barb Klein Named Provost at Ellsworth Community College


Dr. Barb Klein, Provost of Ellsworth Community College

IOWA FALLS, IA –A group of faculty, staff, and leadership team members have concluded their search for the Provost position at Ellsworth Community College and have unanimously voted to recommend Dr. Barb Klein remain in the Provost position. Dr. Klein has been serving as interim Provost since May 2022. The position was previously held by Dr. Martin Reimer.

“We are excited and honored that Dr. Klein chose to apply for the Provost position,” said Dr. Kristie Fisher, President of Iowa Valley Community College District. “Dr. Klein has been a valued colleague and a vital member of the Ellsworth community for over 30 years, and we are lucky to have her insight and leadership on campus. There is no better person for this role.”

Dr. Klein began her career with Ellsworth Community College in May of 1991 when she began as a Financial Aid Assistant. She continued in that role until 1996 when she was promoted to Financial Aid Supervisor. She then took a district-wide role as Associate Director of Finance beginning in June of 1999 and transitioned to the role of District Dean of Enrollment Services in 2001. In July 2016, she was promoted to Dean of Student Affairs for Ellsworth, and finally, her most recent promotion to Provost.

“It has been such a pleasure to serve Ellsworth in so many capacities throughout the years,” said Dr. Barb Klein, ECC Provost. “I really value the work that my colleagues do here, both in and out of the classroom, and I am honored they chose me to lead this organization.

During her tenure, Dr. Klein has already made her mark on the Provost position. She assumed leadership on the existing bond renovation projects.

“We are so fortunate that the community has invested in Ellsworth, and we are working hard to be good stewards of this investment. Our students will benefit from this investment for years to come,” said Dr. Klein. “I’m happy to help these plans come to life.”

Congratulations to Dr. Klein for all her success in her career. For more information, contact Dr. Klein at 641-648-4611 or email