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The purpose of the Panther Service Project program is for Ellsworth Community College students to give back to the community of Iowa Falls, their hometowns, or surrounding communities and to be recognized for their contributions while furthering their education.


The rewards of the program will be unique for each student and project. Not only will the communities reap the benefits of the Panther Service Projects, but the students will also be rewarded. The participants will feel good about what they are doing for others, and they will be recognized at the ECC Honors Reception and during the commencement ceremony when they graduate.


  • ECC students who wish to participate and be recognized are required to complete 25 hours per semester of volunteer service.
  • Participants will be required to document their volunteer service.
  • The ECC Student Engagement Coordinator will review the documentation (and verify the service, if necessary).
  • Approved service hours must be completed for non-pay.
  • If students question whether a service project is appropriate, they should see the Student Engagement Coordinator for approval before the service is performed.
  • A completed and signed Panther Service Project Report Form must be submitted to the Student Engagement Coordinator within 14 days of the service.
  • All report forms must be turned in by March 31st of each academic year.


While it is impossible to foresee all opportunities for approved service by ECC students, and while the listing below is subject to continuous updating, suggestions are provided to assist students in understanding what will constitute acceptable (and unacceptable) service projects as part of the Panther Service Project Program:

  • Volunteering for special community events or service projects (e.g., Riverbend Rally, Relay for Life, Iowa Falls Winterfest)
  • Reading to the elderly or assisting the elderly with household chores (shoveling, raking, etc.)
  • Volunteering for special church projects
  • Improving school buildings and grounds (e.g., picking up trash, supervised painting)
  • Coaching younger children in a sport or other activity
  • Volunteering for a Blood Drive
  • Assisting with Special Olympics
  • Assisting at a hospital, nursing home, Friendship Club
  • Working for a political party or campaign
  • Fundraising for a  non-profit organization
  • Assisting with LIFE (Leadership Iowa Falls Experience) Project Days
  • Working with ECC faculty/staff to complete special projects

These are examples of unacceptable service projects:

  • Doing chores at home or helping family members
  • Attending church or Sunday School
  • Working on the family farm or in the family business
  • Babysitting for relatives or friends
  • Completing ANY task for which money is received
  • Court-ordered community service
  • Completing service mandated through law enforcement
  • Athletic/student group fundraising activities

For more information, contact ECC at 641-648-4611.