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You can get a head start on your future by taking classes for high school and college credit (dual credit) at the same time! High school students and their families can save thousands of dollars when a student receives college credit while still in high school, plus students get to explore career options before high school graduation. Ellsworth Community College offers Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) courses at:

These dual credit courses are taught by CEP adjunct instructors, and qualified high school teachers who are hired by the College to teach at the high school location. Our CEP program is nationally accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

High school students may also enroll in dual credit classes located on the ECC campus or online. All dual credit options are detailed in our Dual Credit Manual (pdf).

Why Enroll?

  • IT’S FREE … your high school pays the tuition and fees (there may be some additional cost for materials depending on the specific program and high school in which you’re enrolled)
  • Dual credit can ease the transition to college
  • You’ll enjoy the challenge of college-level coursework
  • It’s a great way to learn more about potential careers
  • With dual credit you’ll graduate from college sooner, and with less student debt
  • Some high school students with dual credit are able to complete a two-year Associate in Arts (AA) degree in just one year after high school! Careful planning early in your high school years is the key.
  • The credits are transferrable … visit Transfer in Iowa to see how your credits transfer to Iowa, Iowa State and UNI.

Your Four-Year Enrollment Plan

Are dual credits part of your four-year high school plan? Students who start planning early in high school will have more options later. Start talking with your high school counselor now, and check out the Four Year High School Plan outlined below:

How to Enroll for Dual Credit – The high school must approve your enrollment in dual credit classes. Complete the registration process through your high school guidance office. A student may also opt to self-pay for courses during interims or for other reasons. Submit the High School Student Registration/Application Form, indicating “self-pay” as the class type.

Additional Resources for Enrolling:

I Have a Plan Iowa

I Have a Plan Iowa includes great college planning resources for elementary students, middle school students, high schoolers, adult students and parents. Check out the site at https://secure.ihaveaplaniowa.org/.