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Psychologists enjoy helping others and seek to understand human thoughts and behaviors. They study a wide range of fields including health and human services, management, education, law, and sports. Psychologists are able to deal effectively with people and are emotionally stable and mature. Important qualities include compassion, sensitivity, the ability to lead and inspire others, and strong listening and communicative skills. They work with individuals to help them make behavioral changes, and they seek to understand thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Psychologists must be credentialed, which requires a graduate degree.

Counseling-specific courses are an experiential component to your learning at Ellsworth, along with many other psychology classes that will help prepare students who wish to transfer to a four-year institution. At ECC, Psychology studies can be tailored to either Psychology, Human Services, or Social Work, offering a whole gamut of careers in any of the three preferred fields.


  • Average Annual Salary$82,002

  • Potential Career PathsClinical, Counseling, and School Psychologists

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | Occupational Outlook Handbook

Degrees Available

Psychology Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

2 years

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Liberal Arts Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

2 years

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